Tone of Voice Orchestra – New album on the way


Because of Covid this recording has been pushed around. First we had to let go of our plan to record with a producer traveling over here to work with us. Then we had to align all our calendars between the 10 of us in the band our new producer Dennis Ahlgren, and the availability of the studio.
Finally I can say, now we are rolling. We start recording november 1st for 4 days, and then we go back into the studio in March to finish up. So with a little luck – and no more Cover surprises – we shall have an album ready for you either late spring or early fall 2021..

We feel very lucky that Dennis Ahlgren had time to work with us, as I have had a very good working relationship with him back in 2010 around my 2011 album “Umanélig”.

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We have concerts coming up this fall. As part of our preparation for the studio dates we are playing to public concerts at two Efterskoler her in september. Info upcoming concerts here