Press. They really like us :-)

Every reason to be exited.

We are so grateful. I know many people say they don’t care about the press, but I’d happily admit, I care. These are some of my favorite quotes.

“[Offpiste Gurus is] a band that pulls together the pop sensibilities of the indie world with the slow soulful lilt of a jazz ensemble” Nordic Spotlight blog (US) read

“Truly original and far beyond limits of what is jazz, rock punk, rockabilly and experimental”(…) This is an album, you need to hear over and over again too really fathom, how far ahead Lundin and Væring are” Peter Rahbek  in Jazzspecial (music magazine) (DK) (not available via internet)

“In her own category amongst her Scandinavian colleagues in the borderland between pop and jazz”(…) “Rather than the young gran child of Billie Holiday she is more likely to be the dreamy headstrong daughter of Tom Waits” (…) “Sometimes Offpiste Gurus sound like a smoky blues club, but then you find yourself amidst the atmosphere of a Quentin-Terantino-filmshoot”….”Fascinatingly unorthodox yet catchy” Andreas Schneider in JazzThetik (musicmagazine) (DE) read

“Yet another brave and uncompromising artistic riot against rigid genres”(…) “The brass, the voice, the rhythm – dusty, trashy, sophisticated and dynamic – the way it is comes together is unorthodox, but it works in a very convincing way. (..) Offpiste Gurus stand for brave and serious  determination” Ivan Rod in Gaffa (musicmagazine) (DK) read

“Female extraordinaire songwriter meets Scandinavian jazz saxophonist” Recommendation from the Nordic Vibrations blog (SE/us) “5 things to do”

“A stroke of genius.” (…)  “All the songs are outstanding…. unorthodox yet catchy, some even addictive”(…) “The band’s sound is unique” (…) “You can easily listen to this cd 20 times in a row”. Tim Kleinecke on the site Nordische musik (DE) read

“The laid back expression, lets Trinelise shine as cool as a Danish Rickie Lee Jones.” Kim Skotte in Politiken (newpaper)(DK)

“In Case of Fire is some of the hippest genre-eliminating music that has come out in a long time” Tor Hammerø on his blog (NO) read

“Groovy arrangements along with Vaerings strong and districtive vocal” Roald Helgheim in Dagsavisen (newspaper) (NO)

“This strong-willed quartet has created a very special variation of jazz-pop……”strongly recommended” Jörg Schmitt on the Sonic Soul blog (DE) read

“Carefully  shaken and stirred ingredients in this very personal musical cocktail, which defies genre definition” (…) ” In Case of Fire- Just taste it…” Concerto (musicmagazine) (AT) read

” The lyrics are a real joy”… “extremely recommendable” Kerstin Siemonsen on the Virgin Jazzface blog (DE) read