OH Purity A semi-documentary/concert Film: Would you like to watch & listen?

Oh Purity has finished the filming of a concert-film/semi-documentary for the Danish National television.

The film crew spend 3 days with us, while we preparedfor and played two concerts in the studio in front of an audience.
Everything went so well 🙂 We expect DR will share this film with the other Scandinavian TV-stations, and also plan to submit it to documentary film festivals. Thats how enthusiastic we are !

The movie which includes six of our best songs, is directed by young copenhagen-based film director Frigge Fri and is being edited through the next couple of months.

Would you like watch the movie once it’s finished, and/or have the songs from the EP we also recorded, please visit our crowdfunding page , where as an example the incitement for a donation of 13,5 € or 100 kr is a personal download code to both movie and EP

Do it NOW, or before 31 th of Oct. where the crowd-funding-project runs out