Offpiste Gurus recommends

We (Offpiste Gurus band and producer) recommend our personal favorites from the new album In Case of Fire.


Trinelise Væring vocalist composer & lyricist:

Should I recommend one song, I’d recommend Nickname and Shoe Size. This is one of Fredrik’s and for a while we couldn’t really figure out how to play it, because it was almost too “good” a song, a little bit too straight with a big chorus and all. Offpiste Gurus are usually a bit more “lopsided”, so it didn’t really work for us. On the Cd though it turned out very good, and I think it is because the arrangement and production, we finally worked out in the studio, has edge because it is so clear and free from unnecessary “decoration”. Nikolaj was good at keeping us on the track as far as simplicity goes. Then when we listened to the track at home, it felt very naked, and the bridge still needed something, so I had the idea of the falsetto mens choir, which the boys then dubed.

I am also particularly happy about the lyrics, because I manage to create room for interpretation, without a whole lot of metaphors. There are two ways to read it, either straight forward as a song about a stalker, who even scavenges through the garbage. Or you can read it as a too familiar story about a woman who tries to figure out what a particular silent type man is all about. And then she goes, well, a little bit too far. I like this way of creating tension in a lyric, to find your vocabulary within a certain frame of reference, like here a lot of the vocabulary is derived from a detective’s world.  But I use it to tell a completely different story. I use the same trick in “In Case of Fire”.

Video of this song

Fredrik Lundin saxophonist and composer: 

One song? Well I don’t know…..Then maybe When Pigs Fly, because this was the first of the new bunch of songs we wrote for the album. It kind of pointed us in a certain direction. It is very basic and bluesy and unpretentious, and swings like hell. I am also pretty happy about One and Lonely, which Trinelise sings with great sensibility in an unpolished almost exposed tone of voice. I like the way we surround her with a frail mesh of sounds. I could also have picked Accidentally on Purpose. Trinelise and I jammed it up together over a riff I had made on Thomas’ Rickenbacker-bass which I’d borrowed. This song is kind of it’s own, with an upbeat feeling and a cool lyric.

When Pigs video

Thomas Vang bass player and sound engineer: 

The song I like the best is probably Accidentally on Purpose, because there are som exciting elements in the arrangement, some unusual cord structures and really good lyrics. Those 2/4 bars in the chorus I like, and the fact that it’s a bass intro and it’s just me and Trinelise alone together in the first two verses.  I think we play it really well. There are many songs, I like a lot, but Accidentally is almost perfect, and very “us”. It sounds so full even though we’re only bass, voice, sax and drums.

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Jeppe Gram drummer: 

It’s difficult to choose, because so many of the songs are good, but should you listen to only one song it’s Submarine. We succeeded in capturing the atmosphere from the lyrics, which totally melts together in the recording and the production. It becomes a whole, and you are led to a place, maybe under water or say beneath the surface, exactly where you were supposed to go. I really like that, I have to say. It’s a rather special song, but of course it’s not a song that represents the general sound of the album, it’s more like a song where you are taken somewhere else, where most of the other tracks are more grooving. I know I chose a song without drums, but hat is just the kind of drummer I am 🙂

Nikolaj Nørlund producer:

I find Big Girl has many of the elements, we have focused on. It’s a strong song with a good melody, a cool rhythm, plenty of saxophone and above all a good solo.

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