Welcome to everyone who happens to drop by my NEW WEBSITE. Please leaf through the VIDEO GALLERY or listen to CDs you didn’t know and find lyrics under ALBUMS etc.

The album “UMANÈRLIG” was released 1 Feb. 2011. I am celebrating it’s first year today with a new video for the song “Lille Stripper” (Little Stripper). Mind you this is not a song about striptease or pole dancing in general. It is a song about feeling emotionally “naked”, the shredding of skin, rather than clothes dropping to the floor.

I chose this particular song, not because it has obvious hit potential, but because it has a special place in my heart for a number of reasons; The music still has lots of elements from the original demo I made in the winter of 2010 all alone on a totally over-snowed Bornholm farmhouse, so the style is “Trinelise at cask strength”. While the lyrics are general in the sense that they comment on something that I find is rather typical for our time, for me they are still addressing a very personal matter.

Lille Stripper was also the title iTunes censured when UMANÈRLIG first came out. They only lifted the “ban” after I wrote to them that, this is a song about the nakedness of the soul and about feeling vulnerable in general. It is a comment to the medias and all these reality (music) programs, where you see artist, as well as the girl next door, baring their souls and shredding their skin. Maybe because we have gone a little bit numb, and in order to feel something we have to turn ourselves inside out, as if our feelings aren’t for real, unless they are acknowledged by millions. We are, even as a voyeuristic audience, looking for the true story, the bared skin, the true emotions, and somebody has to deliver this intimacy (in front of two millions viewers).

For me personally the song is about looking for balance between wanting to live with all my emotional pores wide open, which is what artists do and why we have this special sensibility that makes us do what we do artistically. Yet we also have to function as everybody else, getting up in the morning, being good parents to our kids etc.

The video was made by Frigge Fri who is a student at the film school here in Copenhagen. I imagine she will be the next Lars von Trier, so my video will basically go CULT. Just you wait and see:-)

Anyway please ENJOY
Love Trinelise