New Band, New Sound: Tone of Voice Orchestra

Tone of Voice Orchestra (TOVO) is a brand new, ebullient and colorful powerhouse of a band.
In December 2018 TOVO met up for a live streamed studio concert to test out new material on a cyberspace audience.
Get a taste here: VIDEO

TOVO features musicians fromthe Danish folk-, world-, jazz-, impro- and indiepop-scene. 4 singers, violin, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, shawm, saxophones, 2 drummers and Swedish harp bass. 5 women and 5 men.
With this unorthodox line-up we mix the sound of Scandinavian roots with impro and catchy songwriting sung by multiple voices in a northern Scandinavian song tradition.

The songs are written by my long time musical collaborator and award winning Jazz saxophonist Fredrik Lundin and myself singer-songwriter Trinelise Væring.  

All of the 5 women and 5 men in the band are sought after artists in their own right, performers from different musical arenas and known from such popular bands as Spöket i köket, Basko, Floating Sofa Quartet, Trolska Polska, Elmøe og Hoffmann, Iki, Lukkif, Myrkr, The Glas Vocal Ensemble, Visible Voices, the Artof Escapism, Rybacka/Stefan Pasborg, Offpiste Gurus, Trinelise Væring Band, 5Go Adventuring Again, Marylin Mazur Group, Maluba, Hess is More, and many more. Tone of  Voice Orchestra are: Jullie Hjetland, Anie Rybacka, Tine Refsgaard og Trinelise Væring, – vocals , Emma Kragh-Elmøe – violin, Mads Kjøller -Henningsens – hurdy-gurdy, bagpibes, shawm and flute,Fredrik Lundin – saxes and bass flute, Joel Illerhag – Swedish harp bass, Jesper Uno Kofoed and Anders Provis – drums and percussion.

All these different musical voices meet in a common language of its own.

TOVO plans to record an album in the fall of 2020