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With a cool breeze from the Nordics and a warm wind from the South.
The “TONE OF VOICE ORCHESTRA” album is blowing your way today!

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We are so proud. We already had some over the top positive reviews yesterday, so today it feels like only the sky is the limit, and we will try to stay in that bubble for a little while. We will try to forget about the war and allow ourselves to delve into the feeling of a job well done.


We (Fredrik Lundin and Trinelise Vaering) broke the first ground for Tone of Voice Orchestra back in 2017, when Fredrik as artist in residence at the Copenhagen Club 5e, was offered the opportunity to present something “new”.
He had recently been introduced to two young upcoming instrumentalists from the Danish traditional roots scene, a violinist and a hurdy gurdy and bag pipe player, who had blown him away.

We handpicked an ensemble of musicians from very different walks of the Scandinavian music scene – five women and five men, seasoned artists and bright new talents – for what we imagined to be a project for this one special occasion only, ‘cause who in their right mind will attempt to build such a large band these days?

Four years and a covid-pandemic later we lead an ebullient ten piece powerhouse of a band with so many great players and singers that we’re constantly blown away by just being part of this great big organism.

We can’t wait to tour the music later this month. For now Enjoy Tone of Voice Orchestra where ever you listen, be it at home on your gramophone, or streaming along in cyberspace.


Through the years a lot of great people have offered their talent to the band.
On the album: Vocals – Ania Rybacka, Maria Kynne, Tine Refsgaard , TrineLise Væring / Hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, cittern – Christian Mohr Levisen / Violin – Emma Kragh-Elmøe / Saxophones, flutes – Fredrik Lundin / Double bass – Joel IllerhagIllerhag / Drums, percussion – Jesper Uno Kofoed and Anders Provis
Dennis Ahlgren produced and mixed the album, and we loved that smooth cooperation.

In the beginning at a crucial point for the development of the music, Mads Kjøller Henningsen and Jullie Kirstine Hjetland Jensen gave us their talent, which you will notice if you tjeck us on Youtube and look for live hightlights.

This fall Arendse Nordtorp Pedersen and Lise Kroner will join us, and bring there talent to the table.

Cover photo: Karin Roerbech