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In January 2018 I shall start recording my next solo album.

An album is of course never a solo effort, so I use the term “solo” only in the sense of it being an album in my name and not under band name, and only containing songs I have written and not co-written.
In this case it will be an album in my native tongue Danish. A sort of follow up to my 2011 album Umanélig, although the sound and instrumentation is different.
In January 2018 the Canadian producer John Raham ( (Frazey Ford, the Be Good Tanyas a.o. ) will join my band and I in the studio here in Copenhagen, when we shall hopefully make the basics of a great album to be released in the late spring or early autumn 2018.

Where Umanérlig had more of a basic rock n’ roll instrumentation based on guitars, bass and drums plus a guest here and there, the new album also has Hammond organ and 3 horns.

In the video section you will find videos from two concerts with this new material and the actual band. All though I will add, that these two concerts were our first two concerts ever, so wonderful and unpredictable things will happen to the music as we get more and more into it.

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Trinelise Væring lead and add. Vocals/Guitars
Una Skott Guitars/add. vocals
Otto Sidenius Hammond organ
Maj Berit Guassora Trumpet/Flugehorn/add. vocals
Mia Engsager Trombone/add. vocals
Fredrik Lundin Baritone/Tenor sax and flute
Jeppe Skovbakke El-bass/add. vocals
Anders Provis Drums