Comming Up!

Comming up: Offpiste Gurus AKA Trinelise Væring & Fredrik Lundin featrured with Tip Toe Bigband

Wed. Jan. 30th Borgerforeningen, Svendborg Fyn
Fri. Febr. 1st Halkær Kro ved Ålborg
Sun febr. 3rd Dexter, Odense Fyn OBS :TIme: 15.00

This past summer Fredrik Lundin and I were invited to join Tiptoe Bigband for 3 concerts. Beautiful arrangement of primarily of songs from Offpiste Gurus rep. were made. We are thrilled to be invited back, and are looking forward to playing some brand new songs as well. Honestly I had not expected it to be so much fun, since I am not in my heart a real bigband aficionado, but getting up there and have 18 men literally blow me across the stage, is a great experience 🙂

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