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Trinelise Væring – Singer and songwriter

Trinelise Vaering works in the borderland between rock, jazz and Indie-pop.

Quoting music Journalist Christian Munch-Hansen from Politiken in 2014, Vaering has over the years again and again shown “her currage and her capacity for stepping into high quality and serious musical settings with a carrier that for many years has moved along the edges of the genres.”

Her unfailing sense of style, and feeling for eloquent nuances in her lyrics and not least the richness of her vocal sound makes Vaering a distinctive and extraordinary voice as well as a unique song-writer on the Scandinavian music scene.

In the words of the newspaper Information’s rock critic Klaus Lynggaard she is, “one of our most fascinating and daring female artists in music”. Kim Skotte from the newspaper Politiken calls her, “one of the most persistently personal songwriters”.

From much acclaimed jazz diva to singer and songwriter in her own right

She has released 12 albums altogether, and through her musical journey she has gone from being a much acclaimed jazz diva to an el-guitar based singer and songwriter in her own right.
Vaering started her musical journey (around 1993) on the Scandinavian Jazz scene with 5 acoustic albums in English with Scandinavian jazz masters such as Bobo Stenson, Mads Vinding, Alex Riel and Carsten Dahl in her bands. From the album Trespassing (2003) – a personal take on contemporary art-rock fused with the singer/songwriter tradition with only a touch of modern jazz – Vaering started to change her musical course.
After 10 years of extensive touring in Europe and even as far away places as Australia & Hong Kong, two Danish Grammy nominations and much critical acclaim in the jazz circuit, she left the jazz scene. Between 2005 and 2010 she primarily worked in the pop/rock/alternative field and mostly in her native tongue Danish with her own band. This resulted in the albums “Lystfisker” (2008) and “Umanérlig” (2011).

Recent years

Oh Purity

In the most event years she has again taken up her work in the borderland between the genres. An example of this is the album Oh Purity (2014) and a TV-documentary “Oh Purity in Watching Landscapes”  witch is an award-winning collaboration between Vaering, Findland-Swedish jazz pianist Jonas Berg and one of Europe’s Finest baroque ensembles “Barokksolistene”. For this she was recommended for the GAFFA Prize 2014 in the category “Female Artist of the Year”.
You will find links to reviews, videos, photos and album tracks related to Oh Purity included in the other galleries on this website.

Offpiste Gurus

Here in 2016 TLV’s primary platform is the indie-Jazz band Offpiste Gurus. Their second album “In Case of Fire” just came out on the German label Enja/yellowbird.

Oh Purity combines some of the “to-the-point” aestetics of rock/pop music with improvistion and the coolness of Scandinavian jazz. Perhaps more eloquently put by  the American blog Nordic Spotlight, “Offpiste Gurus pull together the pop sensibilities of the indie world with the slow soulful lilt of the jazz ensemble”. Offpiste Gurus she fronts and co-leads with her husband composer and saxophonist Fredrik Lundin.

You will find live dates, links to reviews, videos, photos and album tracks related to Offpiste Gurus included in the other galleries on this website.


TLV she primarily played in Denmark with her own band and her repertoire in Danish, whereas Offpiste Gurus have been active outside of Denmark especially, though not exclusively, in Scandinavia and Germany


1993 “People, Places, Times & Faces”. Fredrik Lundin & TLV +Scandinavian allstars  Kenneth Knudsen, Palle Danielsson, Audun Kleive + strings and horn section .
1995 “When I Close My Eyes”  TLV with Bobo Stenson, Mads Vinding, and Alex Riel.
1997 “In So Many Words” TLV with Bobo Stenson, Mads Vinding and Alex Riel.
1997 “Desde el norte”  band name “Dos Mundos“ TLV & Fredrik Lundin, with Tangoorkestret a.o.
2000 “When the Dust Has Settled”  TLV with Carsten Dahl, Johannes Lundberg, Peter Danemo, + strings
2003 “Trespassing” TLV with Thor Madsen, Jonas Berg, Johannes Lundberg
2003 “Sange” m. the Cross Over Ensemble feat. Trinelise Væring
2008 “Lystfisker” (in Danish) TLV with Rune Func, Anders Holm, Eva Skipper a.o
2010 “Offpiste Gurus” TLV and Fredik Lundin with Rune Func,Thomas Vang, Jeppe Gram
2011 “Umanérlig” (in Danish) TLV with Andreas Kaehne, Marie-loise Von Bülow and Bjørn Heebøhl
2014 “Oh Purity” EP & documnetary fot TV with Bjarte Eike, Baroksolistene and Jonas Berg
2015 “In Case of Fire” w. Offpiste Gurus & Fredrik Lundin prod. Nikolaj Nørlund.

Awards and nomination


1993 Grammy-nomination “Jazz album of the year” for “People, Places, Times & Faces”
1997 “Jazz release of the year” in Svenska Dagbladet
1997 Danish Arts Foundation annual award for best releases for ”In so Many Words”
2000 Danish Music Award nom. “Surprise of the Years”
2008 Thøger Olesens first prize for the lyrics of the song Thorkil og Ulla from “Lystfisker”
2010  Danish Arts foundation annual award for best releases/productions for the original song circle to OH Purity
2014  Recommended for the GAFFA Prize 2014 in the category “Female Artist of the Year” for Oh Purity


93-2015 Numerous grants from  Danish Arts Foundation for the her continuing of her work with music and lyrics, as well as composers fees for works commissioned by other ensembles.

Performed with

TLV has played clubs and festival with her own original material with names such as: SwedishBobo Stensson, Esbjørn Svenson, Jakob Karlzon, Joakim Milder, Rune Carlsson, Palle Dannielsson og Peter Danemo.
Norwegian: Jon Balke, Audun Kleive, Bjarte Eike. The Italian pianist Enrico Pieranunzi, Spanish Albert Bover and Mario Rossy and her fellow Danes: Fredrik Lundin, Mads Vinding, Alex Riel, Carsten Dahl, Kenneth Knudsen, Jakob Fischer. a.o.
She has been a guest soloist with a.o New Jungle Orchestra, Bobo Stenson Trio, Lars Jansons Trio, Mads Vinding Trio, the Cross Over Ensemble, Baroque Fever, Athellas Sinfonietta, Fredrik Lundin Overdrive, Tiptoe Bigband, Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra m.fl.


TLV has studied six years in the architecture department of the Royal Academy arts. She has studied music at the New School in New York. She has a masters degree in “Professional Communication” from Roskilde Universitet.


TLV has taught vocal and/or songwriting/compositon at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Vestjysk Musikkonservatorium and Musikhökskolan i Malmø (SV) a.o. TLV has been on the board of several Danish music organizations public as well as private.
TLV is an active debater in newspapers, TV and radio when the debate relates to polics around music and arts and the living conditions of artists. She has worked as a TV critic numerous times on the TV program “ Smagsdommerne”.

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