Offpiste Gurus – (not active 2020)

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Endnu et modigt og kompromisløst kunstnerisk opgør med fastlåste genrer

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Short News:

Offpiste Gurus’ 2nd album In Case of Fire is out now!
Watch the new live-in-the-studio videos related to this album in the Video & TV section

In Case of Fire is available worldwide for streaming or download from digital platforms a.o for links go to the album section
CD’s only in selected stores. If you can’t find it, write to

Offpiste Gurus have toured the new album in the fall of 2015, and will tour again from February 2016 See “Upcoming shows”.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”193″ img_size=”full”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]

Indie-jazz from Denmark

About Offpiste Gurus

aka Trinelise Vaering & Fredrik Lundin

 Just like the off-piste skier, who seeks out the untouched snow of the cross country trails, Offpiste Gurus criss-cross through a variety of musical landscapes along roads less travelled as well as down well lit pistes.
In Offpiste Gurus’ music the singer-songwriters predilection for personal storytelling meets the unique blue toned cool which Scandinavian Jazz is so famous for.

Offpiste Gurus’ 2nd album In Case of Fire is produced by topnotch indie producer Nikolaj Nørlund.
The songs are set in tight, delicate arrangements, that cut to the core of each song, while leaving plenty of space for Trinelise Værings charismatic voice and Fredrik Lundins potent sound and multi faceted improvising.
Ultimately this is grooving, hand played and primarily acoustic music, played by an unorthodox line-up of voice, saxophone, bass, drums, mens choir and banjo with glimpses of brass, vibraphone og piano. It is sophisticated, it’s rough, it’s full of contrasts, and above all a perfect offset for Værings beautifully unvarnished voice which generously shares stories and observations from the adult life arena.
The saxophonist and composer Fredrik Lundin is widely acknowledged as one of the major Scandinavian jazz and beyond profiles of his generation. Trinelise Væring is a highly respected singer and songwriter. Together they have created a catchy uncompromising album.

Offpiste Gurus are:

Trinelise Væring – vocal, banjo & keys
Fredrik Lundin – saxophones, flutes, backing vocals
Thomas Vang – Hoefner bass and bass rhodes & violin

Jeppe Gram – drums and backing vocals

For special occasions ( on album as well as live) OP is joined by guests such a brass section and vibraphone for a larger sound.
Further more OFFPISTE GURUS has made a point out of collaborating with larger ensembles such as Big Bands and chamber orchestras in the countries they visit. You will find live footage from some of these collaborations in the Video & TV section of this website.

For more info on OFFPISTE GURUS 

You will find OFFPISTE GURUS’ concerts, links to reviews, videos, photos and album tracks included in the other galleries on this website.


Saxophonist, composer and bandleader Fredrik Lundin is one of the major jazz profiles in Scandinavia of his generation.

Two of his 11 albums as a leader was awarded best jazz album of the year, and he has received numerous prizes and awards. He is a side man on more than 40 Scandinavian Jazz albums.
In connection with his his 50th birthday Fredrik was pronounced one of the most complete and gifted musician of his generation by jazzjournalist Christian Munch Hansen in major newspaper Politiken.
For more info on Fredrik Lundin please visit: or

Singer, composer and lyricist Trinelise Vaering works in the borderland between rock, jazz and Indie-pop. She is a distinctive voice and a unique songwriter on the Scandinavian music scene. In the words of the newspaper Information’s rock critic Klaus Lynggaard she is, one of our most fascinating and daring female music artists. She has released 10 albums altogether, and through her musical journey she has gone from being a much acclaimed jazz diva to an el-guitar based singer and songwriter in her own right.

In 2014 Trinelise was nominated for a Gaffa Award in the category “best female artist of the year”.

For a more elaborate bio for Trinelise go to the Press & Bio section.

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What the critics write about In Case of Fire:

Truly original and far beyond limits of what is jazz, rock punk, rockabilly and experimental (…)This is an album, you need to hear over and over again too really fathom, how far ahead Lundin and Væring are.
Peter Rahbek, Jazzspecial (DK)

Yet another brave and uncompromising artistic riot against rigid genres (…) the brass, the voice, the rhythm – dusty, trashy, sophisticated and dynamic – the way it is comes together is unorthodox, but it works in a very convincing way (…) Offpiste Gurus stand for brave and serious determination.”
Ivan Rod, GAFFA (DK)

The laid back expression, lets Trinelise shine as cool as a Danish Rickie Lee Jones”
Kim Skotte, Politiken (DK)

A Danish band that pulls together the pop sensibilities of the indie world with the slow soulful lilt of a jazz ensemble.”
Nordic Spotlight, blog USA

Female extraordinaire songwriter meets Scandinavian jazz saxophonist”
Nordic vibrations blog USA

The dreamy headstrong daughter of Tom Waits (…)Sometimes Offpiste Gurus sound like a smoky blues club, but then you find yourself amidst the atmosphere of a Quentin-Terantino-filmshoot”

Fascinatingly unorthodox yet catchy”
Andreas Schneider, Jazz Thetik (D)

Once again strongly recommended”
Sonic Soul blog (D)

Carefully shaken and stirred ingredients in this very personal musical cocktail, which defies genre definition” (…)” In Case of Fire – Just taste it…”
Concerto (AT)

In Case of Fire is some of the hippest genre-eliminating music that has come out in a long time”
Tor Hammerø, Tor de jazz blog (N)

Groovy arrangements along with Vaerings strong and district vocal”
Rolad Helgheim, Dagsavisen (N)


About OFFPISTE GURUS’ 1st album:

Trinelise Væring and Fredrik Lundin are such strikingly unique artists”
Kim Skotte, Politiken (DK)

It’s full throttle right from the start (…) condensed restlessness. Appealing coolness. It’s punk and at the same time sophisticated”
Jyllandsposten (DK)

“Ancient, mud heavy melancholia, dressed up in new very lively robes”
Jazzspecial (DK)

“Væring’s fascinating voice and Lundin’s brutal saxophone (…)Trashy chamber rock and beautiful ballads. Væring and Lundin are truly themselves. And that’s their strength.
Gaffa (DK)

“Væring and Lundin dare to tread where others haven’t”
Jazznytt (N)

“A clash between two worlds, which in the absolutely divine (…) lots of barbs and tension in the songs”
Klaus Lynggaard Information (DK)

“Skandinavischer Blues-Roots-Rock-Jazz mit Roughness, Ecken und Kanten und einer Sängerin, [die hat] eine wirklich außergewöhnliche Stimme, deren Spektrum von zart bis impulsiv-lasziv reicht.” inmusic2000 (DE)

”Klingt frisch wie ein Nordseewind, der die Wolken vor der Sonne vertreibt”
Nordisshe-Musik (DE)

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