a new main

My awesome pet project Oh Purity is turning into a main project this fall, since we are making a concert movie/documentary.

The movie will be filmed in a big music studio during two concerts on September 26th & 27th here in Copenhagen

We play, in front of an audience in a scenography created for the music and the room. The film crew will be following the rehearsals, so the viewers will have a chance to get a good look behind the music. While we are at it, we shall also make an EP .

Read about or listen to Oh Purity on this website in the video section or under “other bands” .

Would you like to be studioaudience, pre-order the movie/EP or just help us meet our budget, please visit our CROWDFUNDING PAGE , where you will also find me in a short video presentation of the project. Any support will be greatly appreciated.

Through August & September the music in the player will be OH Purity songs. Recorded by the Danish Radio at a back in 2010