Amy Winehouse Meets Fleetwood Mac Meets Lucinda Williams / New Album in the Making

New Album in the Making

Amy Winehouse Meets Fleetwood Mac Meets Lucinda Williams

January 2018 I had a fantastic week in the Village studio here in Copenhagen with my band, and Canadian producer John Raham (Frazey Ford, the Be Good Tanyas a.o.) who had come all the way from Vancouver just to work with us.

There is always a whole lot of unknown quantities in such an equation, new song, new band new producer, so there is no reason not worry. But the fact is, everything went smoothly. I loved every minute of it and I am convinced, we are making a great album.

How does it sound?

Where my most recent album in Dansih “Umanérlig” (find it in the album section of this website or on Spotify) had more of a basic rock n’ roll instrumentation based on guitars, bass and drums, the new album is more of a neo-soul album with Hammond organ and 3 horns.
I am thinking Amy Winehouse meets Fleetwood Mac meets Lucinda Williams, and then of course imagining them singing in Danish. So neo-soul with a pitch of jazz, country and what have ya.

Release Sept. 2018

The album will be released in Sept. 2018
We shall play a couple of pre-release concerts during Copenhagen Jazzfestival in July. When ever the dates are fixed, you will find them under “up coming shows”
We shall tour the album through the fall and early winter primarily in Denmark, and then try to hit the rest of Scandinavia in the spring.

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Trinelise Væring: lead and add. Vocals/Guitars
Una Skott: Guitars/add. vocals
Otto Sidenius: Hammond organ
Maj Berit Guassora: Trumpet/Flugehorn/add. vocals
Mia Engsager: Trombone/add. vocals
Fredrik Lundin: Baritone/Tenor sax and flute
Jeppe Skovbakke: El-bass
Anders Provis: Drums